Getting Into the Digital World Just Got Easier

Leave it to me to turn your idea into a reality online, in video or print.

  • I'm an easy going guy with a great attitude that takes pride in his work and gets the job done right the first time.
  • I've been staying up on web standards for years now and when I'm involved on a project rest assure you're in good hands!
  • You may have heard of HTML5 or CSS3, jQuery and JavaScript... well those are just some of the tools that I utilize everyday in the workplace.
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Although HTML5 is still too new to be in use all over the web, the benefits of HTML5 web design and the advanced functionality, cross browser compatibility and aesthetics of HTML5 apps will make more traditional apps and websites seem sub-par by comparison. One of the many benefits of HTML5 is that it takes advantage of the latest JavaScript and CSS3 standards, which create dazzling effects and unparalleled design while using the browser and server side-scripts to do the work. The advanced CSS3 and JavaScript standards provide beautiful, Flash-like effects without the need for Flash or other plug-ins, making HTML5 apps and websites run smoothly and quickly. Additionally, the lack of Flash makes these mobile apps operational on all mobile operating systems. Thus, companies don't have to worry about excluding iOS users in order to serve Android users; HTML5 is supported on all systems including Windows Mobile, WebOS and BlackBerry-OS.
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