Personal Info

I’m married with 2 kids and have been married 9 years now to the love of my life Stacee. Our two kids Michael and Joshua are absolutely wonderful! They’re both so bright and we have so much fun together. The summer is filled with fun events, trips to the pool, Geagua Lake if it was still around (oh how we miss it), Cedar Point, the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, the beach or just hanging out at home. We love one another’s company. And we’re all about family, their grandparents are definitely involved in their lives – but not too much though, we need some family time with just us sometimes. I’m the youngest of 3 brothers and I’d like to think I’m the most responsible as well.

As a young boy I learned how to draw from watching my mom and I must say, I am one fine artist. I’m fluent in all mediums and have a wild imagination. I draw pictures for my two kids and believe it or not but they have picked up my drawing skills. My artistic skills are more prominently shown through Michael, my oldest. He must have learned to draw by watching me. I love oil painting and the styles that I prefer are that of the Surrealist artists like Dali and Magritte but I also love Realism, there’s just something about duplicating a scene with paint – that is amazing. I know, you can digitally print a painting nowadays but as odd as it may sound I’m kind of old school and I appreciate the finer things in life. I work at a very fast pace but in my personal life I do believe that you must slow down and enjoy life sometimes. I always have a positive outlook on situations and strive my best to be a good person. I’m looking forward to what the future has to offer me and what I have to offer those who come across my path in life.

Professional Side

I like to think of myself as a “Big Picture” kind of person. I guess it’s in my nature to see everything in it’s full entirety and not miss a single minute detail. It goes with the territory when working with web development and project management. In order to get a project done right the first time and knock it out of the park (and that goes for any project – wether it be video, photography, print or web) you must fully understand the goal of the project. I know that good communication is an absolute must.

I’ve been in the web development, advertising and marketing industry for more than 10 years now – getting hired a month out of college. I’m a hard and smart worker plus a great team player. I’m well versed in all aspects of web and graphic design including php, asp, MySQL, coldfusion, shopping cart solutions, html5, css&css3, dhtml, xhtml, jQuery, java scripting, AS2 & 3 with Flash, mobile app and mobile website development.  Also my skills don’t stop there, I have superb photography skills, image correction and manipulation, video production (both pre and post production), can create custom facebook, twitter and youtube pages, excellent SEO and SEM skills, highly analytical, I have understanding of most content management systems and know how to write copy. For graphic design it’s pretty much across the board what I can do as well – brochures, catalogs, menus, logo design, branding and identity, package design, even custom illustrations – everything digital, everything print, I’ve got you covered! I’ve been learning and utilizing all of the new technologies that are available today and even those that are to come. I like to stay ahead of the curve on the technology side so I know what’s available to use for my present and future projects.

I’ve played a pivotal role in many web development, marketing and production projects, collaborating with numerous design teams as well as handling everything on my own. I can be a one man team or be apart of a 20+ team. I’m very versatile and think outside of the box.