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the B’laster Corporation

I built this entire site plus helped out with the graphics and photography included within it. It’s completely desktop and tablet friendly. The client wanted to have a mobile specific site so I have a script that sends end users with mobile devices to that mobile specific site which I designed and developed as well. Within the site you’ll see various demo videos that I produced both post and pre-production, planning, shooting, helping coming up with the voice over scripts and finally editing – that’s all me. This client has done many promotions in the past giving away a Porsche, a 1957 Thunderbird plus much more and those sweepstakes are handled mainly through an online entry form that submits the data to a database to be exported out at the end of the sweeps, a database and entry form that I create from scratch using MySQL and PHP. The average visits to their website are about 6,500 a month and when a contest is going on that number jumps up to around 22,000 a month. This is a very fun client and I like working with them.

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